Chunking down step 2


First of all, I started with the definition of the base geometries that make up the plan at one storey: it is an interection of the external circle and the inner hexagon.


Starting from the circle, the aim of this step is to find the projections of the hexagon’s vertices in order to creare the starry geormetry. With the component Curve closest point, setting the point at 0 for the poligon, I projected the origin of the esagon onto the circle and adjusted the seam of the curve, remembering to always reparametrize the curves. Using Divide and Shatter curve, I obtained the segments that articulate the circle, and with the component Cull Nth I eliminated the useless segments. Finally I joined the left over lines.


This step is referred to the poligon: in order to obtain the vertices I exploded the curve.


Then, i joined the obtained vertices of the two geometries using twice a simple Line component.


Finally, to create the boundary surface, I merged all the lines of the previous step and the joined curves of the circle. By joining again the merged curves, I can obtain a planar surface that is the starry perimeter of the plan.


To advance in the model, my proposal is to move the geometry along a unit Z vector, as many times as the floors of the building, so 41 times. The plan obtained is used as a matrix to be rotated and scaled according to the development of the building. The use of a graphmapper is suggested to control the shape.

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